First Class Entertainment!

It is not often that a young man emerges in the entertainment industry with such a powerful vocal tone, combined with great stage presence and natural charm.

With his amazing voice, Michael is winning the hearts of audiences thoughout Australia.


CONGRATULATIONS to Michael for coming 3rd out of 23 countries in the Penang Shanghai World Star Quest. The Penang Shanghai World Star Quest is renown as one of the most prestigious competitions in Asia.

Michael was up against No 1, Triple platinum recording artists throughout Asia. What an achievement.

"It was so fantastic to represent Australia in Asia in a competition of such magnitude, they treated us like stars. There were posters, banners and billboards of us all over the city of Penang, as well as customised coaches with photos of the performers on it and there were television cameras everywhere you went, it was great"

Visit soon to see Michael's Televised Award winning performance.

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